Polyurethane Shoes &
Shoe Components

Polyurethane Shoe Insole System

Polyurethane systems used for heat, water and sound insulation purposes in roof, front, reverse ceiling and floors of buildings and in B1-B2 incombustibility class according to DIN 4102 standard.

Polyurethane Shoe Sole System

Polyurethane systems of 370 – 600 kg/m3 density, in various hardness values and used in shoe sole manufacturing.

Polyurethane Slipper System

Polyurethane systems of varying densities and hardness used in the manufacture of highly flexible slippers and sandals.

Polyurethane Safety Shoes Systems

Polyurethane systems used in protective work boots with high hydrolysis, high abrasion resistance, anti-static and anti-microbial properties come in two different product groups: single density and double density.