Polyurethane Construction & Insulation Products

Polyurethane Binder

A one-component polyether binder. It is mainly used for binding rubber granule particles for coating children’s playgrounds.

Building Polyurethane Systems | Spray

Polyurethane systems used for heat, water and sound insulation purposes in roofs

Building Polyurethane Systems | Pipe Insulation

Used to insulate pipes in heating and cooling sections, underground and above ground steam transmission, geothermal energy

Building Polyurethane Systems | EPS Rockwool Adhesive

Polyurethane systems used for the production of Eps rockwool filled panels are capable of bonding surfaces

Polyurethane Marine Sealant

A solvent-free polyurethane adhesive that cures with moisture. Suitable for concrete, brick, metal, laminate, aluminum and plastic in the manufacture and repair of furniture

Building Polyurethane Systems | Cold-Chamber Panels

Polyurethane system consisting of Polymyx and isocyanate, with an application density of 38-44 kg\/m3,

Building Polyurethane Systems | Blinds

Polyurethane system for insulation and increased durability of blinds and roller shutter systems in homes, offices and car parks.




Building Polyurethane Systems | Roof and Front Panels

Systems with B1, B2 and B3 incombustibility according to DIN 4102 standard, with applied densities of 35 to 44 kg\/m

Building Polyurethane Systems | Polyurethane Decoration

Polyurethane system for decorative and thermal insulation purposes.