We have been importing, exporting and manufacturing all types of polyurethane systems such as insulation products, automotive industry products, shoe components & footwear industry system. Our product range include hot melt glue curing agent, accelerator curing agent & developers, curing agent accelerator anti-aging agents.

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    An ISO 1900:2007

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  • Raw Chemical

    We take pride in supplying chemical products and services for industrial production. Our wide range of products includes Auxiliary chemicals, glycols, isocyanates, acid, polyols, flame retardants and solvents.

  • Furniture Industry Polyurethane System

    We are a distributor of PU foam system and Polyurethane wood imitation, our products are intended for the furniture industry.

  • Polyurethane Construction & Insulation Products

    We're a global distributor of polyurethane insulation products, including decorative moldings, polyurethane for houses, marine sealant and more..

  • Polyurethane Heating and Cooling Insulation Products

    Polyurethane insulation is a polymer-based material, which has the capability to offer excellent thermal performance in terms of heat transfer.

  • Automotive Industry Polyurethane Sysytem

    We've been a distributor of Automotive Polyurethane Filter, Automotive Polyurethane Integral systems, Automotive polyurethane foam systems since years.

  • Polyurethane Shoes & Shoe Components

    The Polyurethane shoes system is a complete footwear solution for a variety of industries and applications for people who need to provide protection against chemicals, water or oils.


Services We Deliver

The automotive & Chemical industry is the technological trendsetter among manufacturing industries.

  • 01.

    Aerospace and Defense

    Our manufacturing services provide assurance to clients that their people, processes, and products are as safe and efficient as possible. From logistics and compliance, to




  • 02.

    Chemical Industry

    Helping our customers go to market and maintain expensive machinery with lubricants, fluids and additives testing plus inspection and certification for technical, performance and lifecycle




  • 03.

    Oil and Gas Industry

    The Shale Oil and Gas Revolution has changed the energy world. Industify has kept pace by providing crucial and timely exploration, production, quality, quantity inventory,




Why Choose Us?

We offer the complete Polyurethane System to our customers. The key raw-materials are polyurethanes, which are processed into footwear, auto parts, furniture products.

Supply Quality with Reliability and Responsibility
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    Best talent in the industry business.

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    One of the most expirienced company.

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    We have completed over 3000 projects.

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    Most dedicated and passionate team.

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    Company has over 780 workers.

Do you know?

Polyurethane is a polymer made up of repeating units of carbamate. It can be either rigid or flexible, and is used in a variety of applications. Polyurethane is typically produced by the reaction of an isocyanate with a polyol


To provide exceptional services to the insurance industry and their clients, the property owner. We are committed to providing the highest level of professionalism, service response, and quality workmanship.

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