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Renowned Products of First CMS Solutions

Base Polyols:

First CMS Solutions(FCMSS) deals in a wide range of Polyurethane(PU) related products that are extensively used in the preparation of rigid and flexible forms and also provides the raw material for the number of different useful products. The Products that Represent FCMSS are mainly isocyanates, cleaners, additives and Polyols. FCMSS latest tailor made base polyols also available in 3x more concentrated form to minimize the transportation and storage cost for our agents and customers.

Natural Oil Polyol:

Natural Oil Polyol is a type of Polyol which has hydroxyl value that ranges from 28-330 mgKOH/gm. Natural Oil Polyols are used in the production of Polyurethanes. These Polyurethanes are then used to make flexible and rigid foams to further produce many of the products around us – from mattresses to cushions; insulation panels to hard-plastic parts; shoes to bras and many more.
Our Natural Oil-based polyols have virtually no odor, excellent chemical and water resistance, contain high levels of renewable content and deliver the performance you expect from FCMSS.

Polyether Polyols:

Polyether polyols are clear liquids that are colorless to yellow in color. They have a slightly sweet odor and they are hygroscopic. FCMSS is a main distributor of polyether polyols all over the world and trades some renowned polyether polyols for rigid and flexible foams. The reason for using polyether polyols instead of polyester polyols is that the polyether polyols are of low coast and easy to handle ad have improved hydrolytic stability over the former.
Polyether polyols gives maximum clarity and they are more durable than any other type of polyol.

Polymer Polyol:

FCMSS also trades polymer polyols that is one of the major raw material in the production of heavy duty moulded automotive seating. FCMSS’s polymer polyols are very useful in producing high-quality polyurethanes such as microcellular elastomers, adhesives, fabric coating systems, foams, surface coatings, high performance solid thermosetting and thermoplastic elastomers.

Blended Polyols:

Polyol Blends are blended with isoocyanates to synthesize polyurethanes which yields unique properties. Polyol blends are made by mixing or blending two or more polyols to give more desirable properties to polyurethane. Blended Polyols give improved qualities to polyurethane products. Excellent insulation properties in products are also due to these blended polyols.
FCMSS deals in a wide variety of blended polyols that are used in construction, refrigeration, heat insulation, furniture parts, pre-insulated roofing and etc.

Flexible blended polyol:

FCMSS is a worldwide trader of polyol. FCMSS uses polymeric MDI to synthesize tailor-made Flexible Blended Polyol that have high curing rates in production of cold molded high resiliency foam. This allows an operational temperature range of 30 – 60o¬C. FCMSS’s product is designed to give the foam better flowability. Synthesis methods that we use make it suitable for both high and low pressure injection machines.

Isocyanate (FCMSS Series)

FCMSS trades isocyanates from major manufacturers around the world as well. Our latest product is 3x more concentrated so our agent at overseas can save 3x transportation cost and they can blend it when re-agent in their own country.


Additives is the core requirement for modifications and control of the PU chemical reaction process and performance characteristics of final product. FCMSS also deals in sales of these additives around the world especially for those customers who formulate their own system. The additives include surfactant, catalysts, flame retardant and blowing agents.


FCMSS also deals in various other chemicals that are required for smooth functioning of the equipments or for the maintenance purposes like injection head cleanser or flusher, solvents to rinse PU, mold release agents and viscosity reducers.